Saturday, November 6, 2010


Haha, nerd humor. :)
I lost an electron! Are you positive?

 AT&T Reception Woes

SUSPICIOUS LIZARD: He knows you did something, he just doesn't know what.

Peace, love, and music. It's all you need.

 TWO GIRLS: One cup

DONUT SEEDS: Someone is making millions

To most Christians, the Bible is like a software license. Nobody actually reads it. They just scroll to the bottom and click, "I agree."

I heart volleyball


Ok, my blog is completely whored out to Google and Amazon, and this thing looks like shit. But it really is the only way to make a penny off the site. I've been tooling around with Blogger code so much the last couple days, it's actually kinda grown on me. It's geeky fun to tweak code here and there to get the site looking somewhat decent. If you think it's horrible looking now, you should've seen it before!

Anyways,  so I've been trying to sell a pair of Technics SL-1210MK2's exactly like this one, but no such luck. It's in brand new condition, but no one is biting on the Amazon site. I think I'll leave it up there until the 60 days is up. Oh well. I've gotten a few inquiries, but no takers. I never really got into any hardcore mixing with them, mostly just tinkering and learning the basics, but to be honest, they're just kinda dated. Digital mixing/Deejaying is so much easier, and I think only elitists are the only ones that hate to hear about deejaying going completely digital. But seriously, lug around a laptop and a few gizmos, or two 30+ pound turntables, not to mention an ass load of records.

San Francisco
Me and my other half went to San Francisco for the Halloween weekend, and we had a really great time! We were only there four days, but we had tons of fun exploring the city sights, and a moderate amount of fun climbing up and down San Francisco's hills. Like others that visit, the first thing I think about is the ridiculousness of 'how would it be to drive on these retarded roads?'. These hills are so steep that city buses have to slow down when they start going up or down a hill - so that they don't rip out the transmission underneath it! I also imagined having to drive a manual transmission around the city. Ridonkulous. I would just hold my foot on the gas all the way, and control my speed with the clutch. Hahaha I bet I would finally learn how to change a car's clutch if I lived there! That, and brakes. Yeah, I know. 

In my  defense, I used to change the oil in my own car. But to be honest, I couldn't be bothered. First, I had to go to the store, and buy all the crap I need. Copious amounts of oil. Filter. A funnel thingy for the used oil. Make sure I have a container...etc. Then change it - while making a slight mess in the process. Finally, I have to figure out where to dum- err...I mean...where to properly dispose of the used oil...which is BACK at the place where I probably bought the new oil anyways. It's just a pain in the ass. Now, I take it either to Jiffy Lube, or the Acura dealer, and BOOM. It's DONE. And they've taken three hours less than it takes me to do it AND they've checked all my other car fluids, and what not. For what, 30 bucks? Awesome. If you change your own oil, that's great and all, but you probably have a lot of time on your hands. Unless of course, working on your car is some kind of hobby. In which case, you probably enjoy watching NASCAR too.

BUT I DIGRESS! Uhm, yeah...San Francisco was cool. Especially on Halloween. We found ourselves just walking around at night with everyone else, enjoying all the crazy drunks and baffoonery. Also, for a city that has never won a World Series, it was kind of dead and lame! Granted most people were going nuts over Halloween, and I did see on the news a couple packed sports bars....but no real San Francisco Giant zeal. The papers weren't going crazy, the news had a few blurbs, and I can only assume some AM sports radio-static filled-radio station dwelled on it for more than a few moments. Oh well, like I always say, if the Yankees aren't in it, it's not really baseball. **shrugs**

Anywho, I'm tired. Catch you fine folks later. Here are a couple pics I came across today. I laughed. I cried. I laughed again.

 Edward Is In Narnia: Why? Because he's that deep in the closet.