Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hey you...yeah, you over there in South Korea!

So someone in South Korea really likes this blog. Every other day, I get a kajillion page views from someone, or a group of someones over there. I appreciate the interest, and if you would like any specific requests, comment or message me. I think I can safely say, "I'm big in Korea". I should get a shirt made. 

In other news, I just looked at a weather map, and it's freakin ZERO DEGREES in Montana. Yes, ZERO. Why anyone would live in Montana is beyond me - I mean, NOBODY from that state EVER comes to this blog anyways. Whatever. It's probably because all their souls are FROZEN from being in zero degree weather. 
In even other...other news, thanks to the gosh darn weather, a trip to the Grand Canyon has been canceled. Well, let me rephrase's was given a green light; meaning, we drove in the car for a few hours, got halfway there, then the weather closed the interstate. So, we turned around and hightailed it back home. Almost $70 bucks in gas WASTED. Somewhere in the middle east, some factory is pumping out, and refining, yet another barrel of pure crude liquid gold for me to just burn for nothing.

Just doing my part to help the environment!'s some pics that made me laugh at this wee hour of the night. 

Yeah, I said, "wee". What's it to ya?!

 Fond Memories:
When all you have left is a 20 year old Polaroid,
it's harder to remember what a bitch she was.

 Cool story, bro


 Surfer Girls:
Because girls playing golf wear too many clothes

 Turn On Location Services to Allow
"SexOffenders" to Determine
Your Location


 I love this meme.

 "It's like a fucking angel came in your mouth. Get some."

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